Meet John Doe

"What have you done today to help your neighbor?"

   Back in the 1930's, during the last great depression, America was joined together in one common bond: despair!

   Joined together in foreclosure & loss; unemployment & hunger; homelessness and hopelessness! 

   And today, America is hurting!  Your neighbor is hurting!

   So NOW is the time for Americans to once again unite!  To join together in helping each other - before it is too late! To unite together in reaching out to each other! To join together in hope vs. hopelessness;  to join together in giving vs. loss!


"So...What have you done today to help your neighbor?" 

- Maybe he just lost his job? 
         You help find him another one!

- Maybe his home is about to go into foreclosure? 
         You help him so it doesn't!

- Maybe he is hungry?             
         You feed him!

- Maybe he needs a word of encouragement? 
         You give it to him!

- Maybe he needs his car fixed? 
         You make sure it does get fixed!

- Maybe he needs a helping hand until he lands on his feet? 
         You lend him yours!
- Maybe he needs a ride to work?   
         You make sure he gets there and back!

- Maybe he needs a letter of hope? 
            You make sure he receives many!

- Maybe he needs only...a smile? 
            Then give him yours!


    *I Want You to volunteer, to donate, to sacrifice something for your neighbor.  I Want You to help your
    neighbor so he can help his neighbor.  
      "People helping people!"  
      "Americans helping Americans!"

    *I Want You to be with me on this campaign of good will, as I was...

      ...with Washington at Valley Forge; with Lincoln at Gettysburg; with MacArthur on the beaches of
      Normandy; with Neil Armstrong on the moon;with those brave souls on the space shuttle Challenger;
      and the firefighters on 9/11...

"For I am 'the Spirit of America!'  And my name is, JOHN DOE!"

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